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Smart LED Stretch Ceilings

Smart LED Stretch Ceiling fabric films transform ceilings into a playground of light, colour and textures. You can choose their personal colour scheme from a broad spectrum of colours and shades.

application video
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Smart back-lit LED Stretch ceiling films from top-notch German brands provide a superb surface quality. Exact flatness guarantees smoothness and the quality and visual consistency of the fabric film is ideal to cover large areas.

  • The standard fire retardancy level of our ceiling film is B-s1,d0 and B-s2, d0 (in acc. with DIN EN 14716)

  • Certified QM-System (in acc. with DIN EN 9001:2015)

  • Certified low water vapour permeability

  • Material has a level of impermeability against water damage

  • Containing minimum 20% of (pre-consumer) recycled film

  • Basic formulation free of phthalates

  • Certified low heavy metal migration (RoHS directive compliance)

  • 100% recyclable

  • Certified low emission, class A+

  • Countless design possibilities in terms of colours, shapes and structures - 100% Made in Germany

execution proces
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Control the brightness level to create the desired effect and set the most relevant mood & ambience for your space



Pre-set scenes and move from one scene to anther preferred scene setting with just the click of a button



CCT Tunable from 2700K to 6000K to set the colour of your choice from warm white to cool white and set the most mode desired mood for your space

ways of control


Radio Frequency Remote Control - Standard type or even a futuristic-look touch glass type



Using a Mobile APP which communicates with your lights via WiFi & over Internet to ensure you can set your scenes from anywehre in the world


Voice control

Use your voice to control your smart lights. Compatible with all leading brands of voice regnition devices

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