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Step 1 : Site Analysis

Connect with us. We will analyse your site remotely (or physical survey if feasible). We will understand your requirements and recommend the most suitable solution. We will make it very simple for you. Try it out!

Step 2 : Delivery of your MyMiniGrid Package

We will ship out a complete ready-to-install MyMiniGrid package to you. We will organise an installer in your region to fix it up for you. If you are an installer yourself then it's so easy that you can set it up without any delay. 

Step 3 : Connection & Completion

Once installed, your system is ready to connect to the electrical load. We will also provide you with an the MyMiniGrid Mobile APP  (via the MyMiniGrid Communication Kit). Start monitoring the electrical units generated by your Solar Mini Grid Power Plant and enjoy free electricity!

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Solar panel

Best-in-class Solar Panels with 25 Years Warranty and suitable rigid panel mounting structures


High performance Hybrid Inverter to ensure that maximum Solar Power is converted into usable electrical power

hybrid and/or


Hybrid Solution for seamless power at all times. Off Grid Solution for storing solar-genrated power in batteries for night time consumption. We can provide all types of batteries from SMF to Lithium Ion.

communication kit

Our proprietory mobile APP for tracking your system's performance along with a support team to remotely take care of your system incase of any trouble shooting.

Highlights of MyMiniGrid Power

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